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About Elite Mod Free Fire APK:

Multiplayer online games have been a hot topic. People of different ages are engaged in these games especially teens. They try their best to increase their rank or to be at the top position but many of them couldn’t. Garena free fire is one of the eye-catching games for gamers due to its graphical features, players, realistic competitions, and story and it ranks in the top 10 of shooting games. More than 1 billion people have downloaded the game on the Google play store.

Are you wondering why it is so popular among teens? Maybe because it relates to reality, many of the characters are a dupe of celebrities and each of them carries a specific power or skill. They are many unique battles embedded in it and players have tried a lot of times to unlock or win this but all in vain. Are you one of these? Then keep reading.

what is Elite Mod Free Fire APK?

Elite Mod Free Fire is an android app for players which enables them to unlock premium features of any game without any cost. It is developed by KTM. It is specifically developed for incompetent players to give them specific features which will help in their way of winning.

When a game developer, develops a game he consciously locks some characters or features because it is the major source of earning for the company. Gamer got so lost in-game and try to unlock these but it requires big pocket money. If you are not in a position to spend this much money, that’s not an issue now because of the elite mod free fire.


Altered games need an OBB file to function but here’s good news that elite mod has a pre-installed OBB file for its functioning you don’t need to download another file to make it work. All the progress you would make will be saved itself.

Great features of Elite Mod Free Fire:

The app is specifically designed to keep in view the needs of all players. The high points of this app are,

  • Jump from lower to upper rank:

Players can easily jump to a high rank without working hard for it with this app.

  • Enhancing Skills:

Players get a menu named Aimbot menu in which they get access to all the options which will help them in their skills for example shooting.

  • Checking Enemies:

You can get a sight of all the enemies coming from a different direction.

  • Shooting:

The player can get an accurate headshot.

Firing others:

To win you have to fire others. By enabling this app, you get many special features listed below which help you to surpass others in a second.

  1. MENU:

By this, you can see besides the objects and can kill more enemies other than usual players.


You can get your enemy’s name and location.

  1. Line:

With this feature, you will be connected to your opponents by a line.


You can easily estimate the distance between you and the other players.


Developers have added an interesting feature through which the players can get rid of themselves from getting ban.


Through this app, the speed of players increases itself which saves them from the attack of opponents.


Ghost mode is the hilarious feature out there. DO you know why? Because you can see your enemies but your enemies can not see you. You can continuously shoot at your opponents without being visible. It will confuse them with where the bullet is coming from.

How to install and download Elite Mod Free Fire?

Now, the major question arises from where you can download the app and use all these features without any cost. Let me explain,

  • Click the download button of Elite Mod free fire. The downloading process will start in a moment.
  • After the file is downloaded, it will appear in the downloads section of your Phone please locate it carefully.
  • Double click the file in your downloads section.
  • The security alert may appear on the screen
  • If it appears, go to your settings and click the security option.
  • After clicking the security option, activate the unknown source option.
  • There will be permission required by the player.
  • If they grant the permission, the installation process will start.
  • After the completion of the process, your app is ready to use.

screenshot of Elite Mod Free Fire:


Putting all the information in a nutshell, I will conclude that I have provided you with all the relevant information about the elite mod free fire. Developers have kept all the needs of players in mind to create this app. Download the app now to enjoy all the pro features to become a pro player.

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