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About follower 666 APK:

Garena Free Fire is an amazing multiplayer battle royal game played in almost 180+ countries of the world. There are millions of fans of this game who have scheduled a daily routine to play the game in their free time. Many players are earning dollars every day by playing this game on live streams. The game is not very easy to master or push high rank because there are outstanding players who can defeat anyone with few shots.

These players have upgraded to the premium features of the game by purchasing diamonds on the official stores of Garena Free Fire providers. Hence they have all the best skins and powerful guns to kill anyone in their path. All the game features and tools are unlocked by such players by spending real money on Diamonds. These features and premium skins enhance their skills and capabilities to win every battle.

The problem is for new players or those players who cannot afford to spend their money on purchasing premium features and skins. So, for them, we are offering Follower 666 APK. This is a hacking tool to inject codes into the Garena Free Fire game and unlock all the premium features without spending real money on diamonds.

What is Follower 666 APK?

Follower 666 APK falls in the injector category for the amazing battle royal game, the Garena Free Fire. You can unlock all the premium features, skins, characters, hacks, and cheats using this application. You do not have to register yourself or give your real information while downloading this application. All the features are offered for free. The application is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices. It is also offering a mobile-friendly user interface that suits your android device settings and does not alter any default setting.

The Follower Injector APK will not disappoint you on the battlefield because it offers amazing cheats to help you win every fight. You can unlock all the powerful characters like Alok who has an enhanced speed level to run faster and kill your opponent easily.

The application also helps you to unlock other characters as well. You will get all the premium skins for your characters to boost their speed, strength, power, etc. The guns can be upgraded to deal greater damage, control recoil, and enhance accuracy. You will perform like many other popular players of the game within days. The game visuals and sound quality can also be managed to give a more soothing experience. You can adjust the colors and themes from the settings to make your game field look perfect.

The application offers many amazing hacks and tools that will be shown on the right side of your screen when you open the game. This is more convenient because you can choose the cheats from the menu while playing the game and you can change them according to the need.

Features offered by Followers 666 APK:

The developers have made the application anti-ban to protect your game account. When your opponents understand your activity they will report banning your account and that is why this application restricts all such reports before the officials could open them.

  • Aim Lock Menu:
    This feature offers many tools to help you knock out your opponents quickly. You can use these tools in close range as well.
  • Auto headshot-Your aim will directly get locked to the head of your enemy and you can kill them with single shots.
  • Aim skills-You can also enhance your aiming skills in the training mode. This will help you to defeat your enemy in close fights.
  • Enhanced Skills:
    All the characters have solitary skills and capabilities but you can also boost their skills using this application. You can enhance their skills like
    Weapon control
  • Unlock different Characters:
    The Garena Free Fire game does not offer all the characters for free. You have to rank high or purchase diamonds to unlock them. But Follower 666 APK can unlock all characters without any purchase. You can select your favorite character from the list and play the game.
  1. Adam
  2. Alvaro
  3. Andrew
  4. Caroline
  5. Alok, etc.
  • Gun Skins
    The Follower 666 APK will help you to upgrade your weapons with cool skins and you can unlock these skins for free. These skins will improve your guns,
  1. Stability
  2. Recoil
  3. Accuracy
  4. Speed
  5. Magazine
  6. Long-range
  7. Many skins
    There are many premium skins available in the game to improve the skills and power of the characters. Follower 666 APK will give you access to choose any of the skin and unlock it without spending money.
  • Location hacks:
    Teleportation-you can easily deceive your opponent by using the teleport menu to change your location instantly.
    The enemy’s position-the map hack helps you to know your opponent’s location on the field. You can easily plan your attack.
  • ESP lines-this hack will draw lines from your opponent to your location telling the distance and direction of your nearby enemy.
  • Drone view-you can also get a whole overview of the battlefield using this hack.

Additional features of Follower 666 APK:

  1. Free to download and use
  2. No subscription charges
  3. No registration is required
  4. Vehicle and flying hacks
  5. Mobile-friendly user interface
  6. Cleared bugs and cache files
  7. Works on both rooted and non-rooted devices
  8. Free to use
  9. No ads are allowed
  10. Simple controls
  11. 100% Secure and safe

screenshots of follower 666 APK:


The application will make you the best Free Fire player. You have to use these hacks one by one and you will not be detected by other players. Download Follower 666 APK today and be the best player in the Garena Free Fire game.

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