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About Jokesphone APK:

Do you want to prank your friends by calling them with such an incredible voice? There are plenty of applications for Android that enable you to make prank calls. Jokesphone Apk is one of the several applications that can add fun to your life by enabling you to play various kinds of pranks on your friends. Just install this application on your phone and give callbacks to your friends and enjoy their puzzled faces.

Do you like to tease the people you work with and make fun of them? Do you think that the person who does not like to laugh is boring and should be fired? Then jokesphone is for you. It’s a nice application for Android mod that allows you to send funny calls messages via WhatsApp or other social networks.

Technology has advanced to the point where you can make calls on your phone without revealing your identity. You can use a fake number to call people and trick them into thinking it is someone else, or you can call people using a different number from your own. This app is designed for both of these purposes. When you want to annoy someone with prank calls, you can use this app to disguise your number and fool them. When you want to prank someone but don’t want that person to know your real.

Now you can call your friends and family members anonymously. You do not have to tell them that they are in fact called by you. You can also save a recording of the phone call to listen again or share with other people. It’s very simple, just select your victim from the list of contacts and press the red button to start calling.

This sample collection of jokes is for people who love to laugh and make others laugh. The developers present jokes in a list. When you tap one, you’ll need to enter the phone number and time you want to be contacted, and you can choose any date and time you like.

what is Jokesphone APK?

Jokesphone Apk is a fun application that allows you to make prank calls to anyone. In this Apk, you can choose from many pre-recorded jokes, which will be sent in a call to the person you have selected. The person has no idea who or what is making this joke. This is an extremely funny application for all ages, from children to adults.

Jokesphone Mod Apk is a great way to prank your friends and family. It is designed so that you can use this app in any situation and make as many prank calls as you want. Whether it’s just for fun or if you are already in bed, this app will give you the same functionality as Jokesphone Mod App.

With Jokesphone Mod Apk, you can send messages to your contacts with real name and number information, which means that they can receive your calls anywhere in the world. Jokesphone Mod Apk comes with a free trial period of three days. After this time period, the user can continue to use the program without any charges.

Great features of Jokesphone APK:

  • This application has a user-friendly interface.
  •  make unlimited calls.
  • prank with your friends.
  • dozens of languages.
  • Call your friend and play some sound effects.
  • much more.

How to install and download Jokesphone APK?

  • You’ll ” Jokesphone APK  ” Method by Clicking on the button below to Begin the Downloading. Once the downloading is completed, you’re likely to find the APK on your”Downloads” portion of your online web browser. Prior You can place It up on Your phone; you will need to Be specific third-party applications are wholly enabled in your apparatus.
  • To create its potential, the manners are mainly precisely exact, very identical to below. Open Menu> Preferences > Security > and subsequently wait for anonymous resources for the cellphone to install applications from Google’s sources to take part in the play store.
  • As soon as you have finished the above step, you can head to”downloading” in your net browser and then tap the record right as downloaded. An installation prompt might begin asking.
  • After the conclusion of the complete installation process, today lunch it and begin to utilize it.

screenshots of Jokesphone APK;


Jokesphone APK is one of the great applications in order to make a prank call with your friends. if you want to enjoy your free time with your friends then you must download this great application on your smartphone it has amazing features to make your time more enjoyable.

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