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Mesereando apk is nothing else than a simple android application that runs in compatibility with the android operating system only. However, its amazing features make it outshine all other kinds of android apps available in the market with a distinct purpose
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About Mesereando APK:

Well, most restaurant businesses have been struggling with managing their business online whereby they have to spend a lot of extra costs. However, after today no restaurant owners will have to bear such additional expenses because we are going to share an incredible android app known as Mesereando apk.

Mesereando apk makes it quite easy for restaurant owners to monitor the progress of their business and manage all administrative tasks via this single app. Along with that, it offers a variety of features for employees too that make them handle each task with flexibility and viability.

what is Mesereando APK?

Mesereando apk is nothing else than a simple android application that runs in compatibility with the android operating system only. However, its amazing features make it outshine all other kinds of android apps available in the market with a distinct purpose. More, It provides great assistance for restaurant owners and employees, where it helps all of them to perfectly manage their restaurant business from the comfort of their own homes. Along with that, it makes sure that each user gets the transparent details of their business and its orders so that they can monitor the progress of their restaurant sales.

Additional Information of Mesereando apk:

Nowadays managing your restaurant from the comfort of your own home isn’t difficult as it sounds because you just got to install only a single android app known as Mesereando apk to carry out all complicated tasks. The best thing is that this app is for every single person who has a role to play in running the restaurant. Doesn’t matter whether you are chief, manager, waiter, or a cashier, just mention your occupation with this app so it will let you interact with it concerning your job. Even if you are an owner, it will show up interface according to your needs where it will show all factors which will help in monitoring revenue.

Mesereando apk is completely flexible so being a restaurant owner you can completely customize your orders like make a different deal or add some fun factors to existing deals to entice your customers. More than that, you can even change the prices of your deals over time and keep some add-ons like extra sauces that can make some extra revenue for the restaurant. Other than that, it shows the complete graphical illustration of monthly sales and revenue and too often for annual sales whereby owners and managers can see statistical data to monitor the progress of their cafes.

Furthermore, the Mesereando apk helps all individuals to carry out their tasks flexibly and easily because it features a friendly user interface to keep everything straight and simple. More, it offers some paid premium options after a one-month trial which helps users to explore this app consistently. The paid premium packages start from $100 MXN on monthly basis and end at $1000 MXN on yearly basis with a 20% discount on every interval. Even though beforehand registration is mandatory over here, there are multiple methods of the registration process that take only 1-2 minutes to get completed.

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Key features:

  • A free tool to manage your whole restaurant.
  • The signing-up option for both owner and employee is available.
  • The owner interface helps users monitor and access all administrative functions of the business.
  • The interface of employees is adjusted according to their role within a business.
  • Check out the catalog of your listed food items.
  • Manage all your gastronomical trades with this app.
  • You can create orders and manage sale prices and quantities.
  • You can create your inventory page and regularly update that.
  • Subscribing to paid premium services will help users consistently acquire such amazing services.
  • Select what category of employee you are to optimize this app according to your role in a restaurant.
  • Display graphical illustration of both monthly and annual sales that helps the owner monitor the business’s progress.

Key feature before you download Mesereando apk:

  1. A free restaurant manager app.
  2. Available for free to download and use.
  3. Has a professional but friendly GUI.
  4. Works in Latin America only.
  5. Registration is mandatory.
  6. No third-party ads are displayed.
  7. Integrated fast servers boost performance.
  8. And many more discoverable features.

Is it safe to use?

We have installed Mesereando apk on multiple of our android devices and haven’t found any error or virus coming into our devices via utilizing this app. Therefore, out of our experience, we can authenticate its viability and workability. However, since we don’t share any copyright claim with the official developers of this app, thus we can’t guarantee its complete safety. Therefore we highly recommend our users download it at their own risk.

How to download and install Mesereando apk?

If you struggle with making installations of apps that are not directly downloaded from the Google play store, then read the complete step-by-step instructions below.

  • Tap on the download Mesereando apk button available on this page.
  • Once it’s downloaded, access your apk file.
  • Then, it will redirect settings for users to enable the “allow app from external sources” option.
  • Then tap on the install option when the dialogue bar appears.
  • Wait until the green line is fully seeded, then hit Ok.
  • Now you are good to explore your restaurant managers.
Pros and Cons of this app:


  1. As it’s available on the Google play store, thus it means that it’s a virus-free app that is clean from any kind of ransomware that may steal users’ mobile data on purpose.
  2. It has the auto-update feature which will make users avoid downloading and installing its latest version again and again manually which may save users time.
  3. Since it’s on the Google play store, thus people can easily find reviews about it to know how it has worked for other restaurant owners and managers.
  4. If you are running low on storage then the auto-update feature might suck your all device’s memory since it enables the option of downloading the latest files without permission.
  5. Since it’s on the Google play store, thus it may constantly ask users to write a detailed review that some people may find quite an elusive task to do.
screenshots of Mesereando apk:


After checking out all the features of the Mesereando apk, we tried to cover all of them in detail in our today’s reviews, so we can acknowledge to our readers how technology has been revolutionizing the era via android tools.


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