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About Picto Apk:

Picto Apk, is an amazing communication app to lets peoples interact with their heartthrobs in a quirky style. Nowadays, communication has become the vast prosperous to connect with someone. The sources like WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms have popularized our daily life.

Even how larger the distance is, no matter where you belong. You’re able to freely talk to your loved ones with no hurdles. But to talk about creatively having some fun, we are introducing a legit way that can surely let you talk to your friends, family, and relatives superbly. So let’s meet with Picto Apk and know what it’s offering.

What’s Picto Apk?

It’s an android app that allows you to communicate by interacting with plenty of brushes. Simply, Picto Apk lets you talk in form of pictures that you can easily draw on its interface with your fingertips. It allows you to draw specific images by using tons of colors and send them to your loved ones.

In its return, that person can also draw an image and transfer it to you. Except for images, you can also convey your message by drawing text. Not only this, but Picto Apk also offers to transfer a particular drawing to multiple users. You can, fortunately, save it in your gallery and share it with your friends on other platforms.

Meanwhile, it’s a fun way of transmitting your thoughts by utilizing the canvases of Picto Apk. In our daily life, communication is playing an eminent role to let us participate with others. A lot of conveying sources are around us, but you’ll see the radix like Picto Apk in very few apps. This fun app provides a great collection of brushes and colors, lets you draw designs, cartoons, text, emojis, etc. Besides this, an interesting feature of decorating a home screen by directly applying drawn pictures also lies here.

Features of Picto Apk:

Picto Apk offers a number of state-of-the-art features that you can easily find while using it. Below are some major features that have become the cause of its popularity. Let’s go through them.
• Picto Apk is a creativity-based communication app that’s totally free to utilize.
• It offers 100% security of its utilization.
• Here you’ll find numerous sizes of canvases.
• It also provides a great collection of brushes for drawing.
• Its interface is so smooth that doesn’t require a specific pen.
• In its drawing gallery, you can also find various paints.
• Picto Apk also enables you to share drawn images with anyone either a Picto user or out of it.
• This app also offers multiple tracing guides for beginners.
• It comes with HD graphics and a user-friendly interface.
• You’re allowed to set drawn images also on Home Screen.
• And observe other features by using it with your fingers.

How to download this fun app and install it?

To download Picto Apk and then Install it becomes dead convenient with the below steps. Just follow them properly if you really want a safe installation of this Apk file.
• Keep your first step to download its APK file from this platform.
• Second, wait for a few seconds to initialize downloading.
• Within a few seconds Apk file will be easily downloaded.
• Now you just have to access it on a downloaded path for installation.
• While installing the Picto Apk file, you can be asked to enable unknown resources from settings.
• Do that and move back, you’ll get Picto Apk installed on your android device.

screenshots of picto APK:


In short, Picto Apk is an ultimate and fun android app, that provides a legit way of communication around the globe. Here peoples interact by drawing on canvas and send to each other. This platform offers you a variety of brushes, used to draw any type of image. It can be text, cartoon, characters, tools, design, emoji, shapes, or anything that can be drawn easily.

This source is user-friendly to utilize where drawing becomes so smooth to scrawl. Including this all, save your drawing on your device, send it to any friend, and also set it on the home screen.
Hopefully, you’re satisfied with the above information about this fun gadget of interaction. So download Picto Apk, draw decorative images, and share with your desired person.

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