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Pinch apk has come up with complete viable features that will keep their conversation effective and clear just to help them in building impregnable strategies. More than that, the communication rooms are completely customizable and contain all the amazing functions while not letting users experience any kind of lags.
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Building good communication is a crucial part of every niche, so for making it happen we need a good communication-based app. Therefore, to complete this requirement of our valuable android gamers and users, we have brought up the Pinch apk.

Pinch apk is a free voice chatting application, in which android gamers can make a party/room before starting their game to join it and enjoy better communication throughout fighting their battle. Other than that, it’s available in the form of a messenger where you can talk anytime with anybody about whatever you want with no strings attached.

What is Pinch apk?

Well, This is nothing other than any messenger app where users can connect, sign up and add friends, but it’s specifically designed with the purpose of facilitating android gamers. Android gamers mostly struggle with connection breakdowns, whenever they access the in-game communication options due to slow servers.

Therefore, Pinch apk has come up with complete viable features that will keep their conversation effective and clear just to help them in building impregnable strategies. More than that, the communication rooms are completely customizable and contain all the amazing functions while not letting users experience any kind of lags.

Additional features:

Does your existing communication-based apps like messenger shows some lags or are they not supported in your region? Then don’t worry anymore, because now talking to your spouse, loved ones or family members aren’t that complex even if you are living far away from them because Pinch apk allows anybody to sign up there and create a party to invite anyone they want without any restrictions. Along with that, it’s quite a handful of tools for android gamers, doesn’t matter if their in-game communication system works or not, it can always work for them, regardless of whether they are playing games or completing school assignments.

The group that is made for chatting over Pinch apk are known as a party which is completely customizable. Whenever users are done with making their party and even got some people in, then they can decide who to keep in the room or who to remove out. Other than everything, if you like connecting to people then this app is for you, you can add some friends over here and talk to them for the sake of building your communication levels. Most users might also find some options hard to deal with, so for overcoming that issue we can customize the settings completely to make them run in our way.

Furthermore, here’s the awesome notification feature over Pinch apk, which can help players in getting a notification bell whenever somebody makes move in their room. Going through beforehand registration process is mandatory over here because it helps users to send their IDs to their friends or to anyone who they want to talk to over here. The best thing is that its developers have integrated speedy servers which play a vital role in awarding its users the best ever conversation experience even when they don’t have a stable internet connection. Lastly, it has a brilliant GUI which simplifies everything for the end-users even in every complex spot.

Key features to know:

  • Free Voice chatter app for android gamers.
  • Users can make a party here, and ask their friends to join while playing an online multiplayer game.
    Party/ rooms are completely customizable
  • Members in a room can be added or removed anytime.
  • Sometimes turning on in-game communication can make the user experience some lags, then running pinch apk in the back is the brilliant option.
  • It works in any Multiplayer game, doesn’t matter whether there’s a communication option available or not.
  • There are a certain amount of settings that users can customize.
  • Whenever there will be an adequate conversation among team players, there will be more chances of reaping a victory.
  • Users can even use it for talking to their spouse or loved ones apart from using it with only gaming.

Key features before you download Pinch apk:

  1. A free voice chatting app.
  2. Available for free to download and use.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Has a friendly GUI.
  5. Registration is mandatory.
  6. Has integrated speedy servers.
  7. Constant internet connectivity is required.
  8. No premium subscription is available.
  9. Brings some overtime updates.
  10. Works with all the latest android versions.
  11. And many more features.

Is it safe to use Pinch APK?

Well, after downloading and installing Pinch apk on our android devices we found out that it’s a secure android app containing everything with no harmful viruses or errors. We also validate its smoothness and viability. However, since we don’t share any copyright claim with its official developers thus we recommend you download it at your own risk.

How to download and install Pinch apk?

  • If you struggle with downloading and installing the Pinch apk, then make sure to follow the complete instructions as they are mentioned below.
  • First of all, tap on the download Pinch apk button available on this page.
  • Once it’s downloaded, then open your installation package.
  • Then it will redirect you to settings where you have to enable the “allow app from an external source” option.
  • After, press the install button from the dialogue box.
  • Wait until a green line is fully seeded, then hit Ok.
  • Now you can enjoy your chatting experience with it.

Pros and cons of Pinch APK:


  • Since it’s not available on the google play store, thus it won’t ask users to write a review again and again.
    For update, users can simply download its latest installation package over time from any third-party sites, and
  • even keep the installation packages of multiple versions to Install any one of them anytime pivoting on an individual’s needs.
  • Since it won’t be automatically updated, thus it won’t fill up the user’s device storage without permission.
  • The manual update might take too long and if not done on time users may experience a lot of disruptions within their services.
  • Since it’s not verified by Google, thus it may include some serious viruses and errors such as ransomware that may steal users’ private mobile info on purpose.

Screenshots of The App


We tried to bring up all the detail and information we could gather regarding the Pinch apk to answer all of the queries relating to it. If anybody wishes to find out more, then they are advised to download the Pinch apk now and have a look over its dashboard by themselves


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