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Wseen apk is just like every other android app which runs in compatibility with Android OS only. However, its incredible tracking features make it seems exceptional in the market and outmatch other existing android apps.
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About Wseen APK:

Are you suspecting your spouse that he or she is either trying to double-cross you or playing with your emotions? Then, don’t worry anymore, because we are providing the best Tracker app known as Wseen apk that will make it easier to access all of your partner’s Whatsapp activities.

We all acknowledge that nowadays WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger applications which people utilize for conversational purposes and posting statuses. Therefore, Wseen apk, which is a third-party app will make it easier for people out there to find relative details of any person who’s using WhatsApp via the following few steps.

What is Wseen apk?

Wseen apk is just like every other android app which runs in compatibility with Android OS only. However, its incredible tracking features make it seems exceptional in the market and outmatch other existing android apps. This app is basically designed for users who want to track the details of any person added to their WhatsApp messenger, that person could be either their spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, family relative etc. More, it provides users with all kinds of authentic details, so doesn’t matter whether you want to find out when anybody gets online, offline or when they share statuses.

Additional features of Wseen apk:

Did you ever felt like attached to someone available on your WhatsApp friend list? Then, you must have gone through a long time of waiting for them to get online again, which requires continuous checking of your WhatsApp account. However, as we are living in the modern era where the fast growth of technology has been reducing human effort in every way, therefore android tools like Wseen apk must be utilized. This app will help users in tracking any of their WhatsApp friends and get all of their details like when they get online and when they don’t along with a lot of side information.

Users just can follow the minor steps on this app which doesn’t require any difficult tasks instead of copying and pasting details right from their Whatsapp to Wseen apk. After filling out the details, users can simply wait and then they’ll get the complete report which will include charts and graphs clearly demonstrating the details and social media activities of another person. Other than that, this app will make sure to provide users with notification bells to let them know when the person they are hunting comes online and goes offline. More, this app will still work flexibly in the same way even if the other person you are trying to hunt has blocked you or disabled you.

If you are a parent and you want to track how much time your son or daughter is spending with social media while using WhatsApp, then the Wseen apk can help you with that too. This app also has a premium version which is mandatory for users to buy if they want to consistently utilize such tracking services with no strings attached. For using this app going through the registration process is mandatory if users want to access some advanced tracking features. Also, it provides users with consistent customer support so whenever they are stuck somewhere they can use that along with a help center which provides a lot of predefined information that users need to avoid any trouble.

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Key features:

  • Now tracking your boyfriend or girlfriend from their number is going to be very easy.
  • Get all details of the person you want to track from your WhatsApp friend lists.
  • Now by doing minor steps like copying & pasting numbers, you can easily find out when your friends get online or offline.
  • Just add the number of the person on this app and this will notify you when he/ she is online or offline.
  • This app will still track your Whatsapp friends, doesn’t matter if they have blocked you or disabled you.
  • Buy the premium version to enjoy a lot more features.
  • The free version is only accessible for the first 3 hours only.
  • You can also utilize this for parental control by finding your children’s internet activity.
  • Get the free tracking reports of the profiles that you want to hunt down.

Key features before you download Wseen apk:

  1. A free number tracking app.
  2. Find out details of your WhatsApp friends.
  3. Available for free to download and use.
  4. Doesn’t feature any third-party ads.
  5. Has a friendly user interface.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. Registration is mandatory for advanced services.
  8. Choose premium packages for continuing service.

Is it safe to use?

Since this application is introduced by a third-party app developer, thus we can’t guarantee its complete safety. However, if we talk out of our experience, then we must say that we have utilized it on multiple of our android devices and it has been a virus-free and errorless app for us. We hope that it works in the same manner for each and every person who downloads it right from our page or any third-party site at his/ her own risk.

How to download and install Wseen apk apk?

Make sure to follow the complete step-by-step instructions guide as we have mentioned below to get this app on your android device without experiencing any errors.

  • Tap on the download Wseen apk button available on this page.
  • Once it’s downloaded, access your installation package.
  • Then it will redirect you to the settings where you have to enable the “allow app from external sources” option.
  • Then tap on the install option when the dialogue box appears.
  • Wait until the green line is fully seeded, then hit Ok.
  • Now you are good to go enjoying this app.

Pros and Cons of this app:


  1. There won’t be the feature of auto-update as it’s not available on the Google play store, which will save the user’s drive storage that could be filled without permission.
  2. For updating users can simply download its latest package from any third-party site and install it manually, and also keep multiple installation packages of different versions on their mobile.
  3. As it’s not available on the Google play store thus it won’t be asking users to write a detailed review about this app.
  4. As it’s not provided by the Google play store, thus it may contain some contagious malware that may fill the user’s device with viruses and corrupt all the available data.
  5. Downloading and installing multiple versions of the same app manually might waste the user’s a lot of time that can be utilized elsewhere.

screenshots of wseen apk:


We tried to bring our complete visual experience into this single article, so we can load this review with as much information as we can to answer our reader’s question relating to the Wseen apk. Still, if anybody of you thinks that some detail is missing out here, then don’t hesitate to mention that in the comment section below.



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