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About Zarchiver APK:

Are you afraid of keeping large folders and files in your android smartphones? If so, then make sure you read this article till the end in which we are going the share the best files and folder compressing application known as Zarchiever apk that helps the users in organizing their mobile space and data in several ways.

Apart from that Zarchiver apk also aids the users in decompressing all kinds of files that are archived for certain safety purposes. With its some advanced features, it also unlocks a couple more options to the end-users which can bring some additional benefits and shortcuts.

What is Zarchiver apk?

Zarchiver apk is none other than a simple android application that the users install for managing the data space on their android smartphones. It allows users to keep large files and folders on their mobiles while putting a minimum load on the hard drive’s storage.

Moreover, it provides users with all sorts of options that they need in organizing their mobile’s storage as well as external drive storage. Other than that, the Zarchiver apk includes many epic features that the users can utilize for attaining further benefits which are available free of cost.

Zarchiver apk provides users with the data compressing and decompressing features that help the users in archiving the data that consumes higher storage percentage. Decompressing is like opening a package because sometimes when we download files from the internet they could be compressed for safety purposes, that’s why Zarchiver apk provides those services whereby users can make those archived files visible.

Users can compress the files and folders to multiple archive formats such as 7z, zip, tar, bzip2, gzip, xz, lz4, zstd, tar.bz2, tar.gz, tar.xz, tar.lz4, tar.zstd. However, users cannot compress to rar which is the most famous archive format, but Zarchiver allows users to decompress RAR files and all others as mentioned before.

The best thing is that it allows data compression with passwords, which means that whenever users will have to see the compressed data they will have to submit that password before, otherwise data won’t be accessed. Doesn’t matter whether users try to decompress using different devices, the same password will still be required on all of them.

Along with that, the Zarchiver apk provides the users with file managing services on their android smartphones. This application provides end-users with complete features such as copy and paste, making a new folder, archiving, sharing files, and everything that they need to perfectly organize their storage devices doesn’t matter whether it’s internal or external.

Furthermore, the Zarchiver apk is available for free to download and use, which means that users won’t even have to a single penny for providing such incredible services. More, the user interface of this application is extremely friendly which means that nobody will have any kind of issue during running this application right on their android devices.

Great features of Zarchiver apk:

Underneath, we are mentioning as many as possible key features of the Zarchiver apk that the users must read to gain the summarized knowledge of this application.

  • Best file manager application.
  • Allows users to compress data in minimum time.
  • Decompression of data can also be done.
  • Fast compression and decompression services are provided.
  • Users can keep higher storage of data while putting a minimum load on their hard drives.
  • Users can encrypt the compressed files.
  • Users can set the password while compressing larger files and folders.
  • Provides users with all features for organizing data.
  • Allows Data moving.
  • Allows making a new folder.
  • Allows sharing data.
  • Available for free to download and use.
  • Doesn’t require any sort of registration process.
  • Features a user-friendly interface.
  • Doesn’t feature some sponsored advertisements.
  • Works with all the latest android versions.
  • And many other features.

Is it safe to use?

We downloaded the Zarchiver apk on multiple android devices and found no error or issue that could cause some glitch during working on that. Therefore, we hope that it will work securely for all of the android users and won’t let them face any kind of disruptions or damages while compressing and decompressing data via it.

However, since we don’t share any copyright claim with the true developers thus we can’t guarantee its complete security, though it worked very well for us. Therefore, in any case of data loss or issue, we won’t be held responsible.

Screenshot of Zarchiver APK:


Data compression and decompression features are now available on your android devices which means that users won’t have to transfer data to a Laptop or PC for compressing or decompressing purposes. With the help of Zarchiver apk users can now compress and decompress data on their android devices, therefore they must download this application right on their android devices and check out what awesome features we have brought to them.

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